Termes et conditions

Terms and Conditions for Enablis Membership

  1. Submission of the Member Application Form constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions as set out herein. Membership is, however, subject to confirmation from the Enablis Entrepreneurial Network (“the Network”) that the applicant has been accredited as a Member. The Network reserves the right to refuse Member applications and do not need to disclose the reasons for refusal.

  2. “Member” is defined as an individual who has applied for, and been accepted as, a bona-fide accredited Member entrepreneur of the Network, paid the appropriate membership fee and has been registered as a Member by the Network.

  3. Membership is subject at all times to the Member’s adherence to these terms and conditions.

  4. The Member agrees to recognise and abide by the core values of the Network, namely respect, integrity, professionalism and sustainability.

  5. The Network undertakes to provide the Member with the following services and facilities:
    • Genie Portal - The Network will provide the Member with access to the content and resources of the Global Enablis Network and Information Exchange (Genie) internet portal.
    • Invitations to Networking Activities
    • The applicable membership category academy, as defined on the Network’s website from time to time
    • Member Roadmap
    • Electronic Newsletters
    • General - The Network will constantly seek additional ways and means to support its members in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

  6. The Member agrees to direct all queries, requests and other correspondence and communication in the first instance to the email address as provided in the Network welcome letter.
  7. The Member undertakes to provide the Network with a suitable head and shoulder digital photograph, curriculum vitae and a short personal profile. The Member agrees that this information may be used and displayed on the Network’s internal and public websites. The Member also agrees that his/her name and photograph may be used in press releases and for publicity and permission to do so is hereby given to the Network by the Member. 

  8. The Member undertakes to update his/her information in a format as directed by the Network as and when applicable.
  9. The granting of membership is conditional on and subject to the Member paying the membership fee levied by the Network, which fee is payable in advance, that is, at the commencement  of the membership year. The membership fee is subject to increase with a minimum of one full calendar month’s notice. The Member is liable to pay a pro rata portion of the annual fee for the period from accreditation as a Member to the end of the current membership year, and thereafter the full annual fee. Any membership fee payable by the Member is due within 30 (thirty) days of receipt of an invoice from the Network. Failure to pay the membership fee within 60 (sixty) days from receipt of an invoice from the Network shall constitute grounds for cancellation of membership.

  10. The Member agrees to receive SMS notifications on his/her cell phone from time to time as a reminder of any event or function hosted by The Network.

  11. The Member may not, without the written approval of the Network, disclose any confidential information relating to the Network and its Members and their businesses, to any third party. Likewise, the Network may not, without the written approval of the Member, disclose any confidential information relating to the Member and his/her business, to any third party, except with regard to the Member’s profile, as set out in 7 above. For the purpose of this paragraph, the term “confidential information” includes any information or knowledge acquired by the Member and/or the Network during the term of this agreement, including, but not limited to:
    • The Member’s and the Member companies’ trade secrets, business methods, operations and techniques, intellectual property rights, proprietary information, and all documentation, notes and other records incorporating information contemplated in this paragraph; 
    • The identity of the Member’s clients and customers (including potential clients and customers who the Members has not yet contacted, but intends to contact for the purpose of conducting business);
    • Trade results or any other financial information relating to the Member; and 
    • Information relating to the products or services sold by the member which could either assist a competitor or harm the Member if such information came to a competitor’s attention.

  12. The obligation to maintain the confidentiality of information as set out in paragraph 11 will survive the termination of the Member’s membership but will not apply to confidential information which was in the public domain prior to being disclosed by the Member, or which has come into the public domain other than as a result of being divulged by the Member. 

  13. Either party may terminate the Member’s membership for whatever reason, by giving the other party written notice of not less than 7 (seven) working days. Neither party shall be required to give reasons for the termination. In the case of termination of membership, the Network shall not be obliged to refund any portion of any membership fee to the Member and the Member shall be required to pay membership fees that have accrued at the point of termination.

  14. The Network reserves the right to amend and update these terms and conditions and Members will receive written notice of any such amendments.